Our Process

The Ascent Odor Remediation & Sanitization Process

How It Works

Because every odor problem can be a little different, each job starts with a free onsite quote. Ascent Odor Central Pa.’s professional remediation specialists will diagnose the issue and provide you with a customized plan to remove any odors present in your property or vehicle.

Dry Vapor Treatment
Ascent Odor Remediation’s unique dry vapor system circulates throughout your home or vehicle, neutralizing odors at the source. Our active ingredient, chlorine dioxide, works by targeting organic odor molecules in the air and on solid surfaces. Once chlorine dioxide attaches to an odor-causing molecule, both are neutralized, leaving behind only a small amount of harmless, biodegradable residue in the form of sodium chloride, or common table salt.

How to Prepare
Before the dry vapor treatment, plan for all family members, pets, and plants to be out of the house for about 24 hours (for vehicles, just a few hours are needed). While the small amount of residue remaining after treatment is completely safe for your family and pets, chlorine dioxide needs this time to dissipate. Our odor remediators wear respirators during the initial application, and you won’t be able to reenter until the process is complete.

Depending on what’s causing the odor, it may be necessary to follow up dry vapor treatment with a secondary fogging treatment. Fogging treatment can also be used on its own for less severe odor problems. Our specialized fogging devices create a moist vapor charged with chlorine dioxide that seeks out and neutralizes odors at the source.

How to Prepare
Similar to our dry vapor treatment, fogging requires all family members, pets, and plants to be out of the house. This treatment only takes about three hours to neutralize odors and eliminate 99.99 percent of odor-causing bacteria and viruses.

Chlorine Dioxide Detergent
For deep-set odors in carpeting and subflooring, Ascent Odor Remediation can treat these areas with a special chlorine dioxide detergent. This can be followed up with dry vapor treatment, fogging, or both, depending on the severity of the odor.